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Set Dressing and Prop finding

BMI and BBB asked me to recreate 4 personal life stories within key areas of hospital services to reflect the Brand-

caring for my neighbour

Karen first met Audrey in the 1980s when they were neighbours in Scotland, and they have remained firm friends ever since. When Audrey's only son passed away, leaving her without a next of kin, Karen stepped in to offer her unwavering support.
Karen's care and compassion are evident in countless ways. Whether it’s going out for lunch with Audrey, arranging appointments, or simply spending time together, Karen is always there for her friend. With over 40 years of nursing experience, Karen brings the same dedication and empathy to her work. Her patients are at the heart of everything she does, every day.

BMI .jpeg

"Serious about health. Passionate about care".

Working on two distinct campaigns for BMI Healthcare significantly refined my ability to adhere to strict branding guidelines. For this project, I had to tone down my typically overdressed style to align with the clinical aesthetics of the healthcare brand, as demonstrated in my visuals and the final hero shot..

"Grow with us" Football coach/theatre manager. 

A particularly memorable aspect of this project was scouting the location. The site's history was truly fascinating, hosting numerous film productions and holding a unique story about its transition into a filming location. It's an anecdote worth sharing in person.​This experience enhanced my adaptability and deepened my appreciation for the intricate balance between creative expression and brand consistency in a clinical setting

Bavesh is the Theatre Manager at BMI The London Independent Hospital. During the weekends, he dedicates his time to coaching his local football team, while his workdays are spent leading a talented team of theatre practitioners.
From a very young age, Bavesh played local football competitively, cherishing the team spirit, drive, and camaraderie it fostered. Unfortunately, a neck injury at 16 ended his competitive playing days, but it opened a new path for him in coaching.
Becoming a coach at such a young age ignited Bavesh's passion for leadership and motivating others to succeed. At BMI Healthcare, his drive and commitment have helped cultivate one of the most advanced teams of theatre practitioners. Bavesh’s dedication to both his team and his patients exemplifies his unwavering commitment to excellence and care.

"Grow with us" Physio. 

Louise is our Clinical Services Manager in the physiotherapy department at BMI Hendon Hospital. She has extensive experience, having served as the Lead Physiotherapist for Team GB Men's wheelchair basketball. During this time, she travelled globally and across the UK, attending training camps, World Championships, European Championships, and Paralympic preparation camps. As the sole healthcare professional accompanying the athletes, Louise was the first point of contact for all medical and physiotherapy-related issues, treating a wide range of injuries from muscular strains to head injuries and infections. She often remarks on the profound inspiration she draws from working with these athletes, stating, "To say they are disabled does them an injustice; they are the most 'able' people in so many ways."At BMI Healthcare, Louise is continually inspired by her dedicated team and the patients she treats, whose determination to recover fuels her commitment to excellence and compassionate care.

"Grow with us" Teacher. 

Hilary is a radiographer at BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital. Every year, she dedicates her time and annual leave to volunteering at an orphanage in Tanzania, where her compassion truly shines. At the orphanage, Hilary assists with painting classrooms, teaching English, and helping with daily chores. She also devotes much of her time to providing love, attention, and reassurance to the children. When back home, she maintains contact with messages and birthday cards. Hilary’s kind-hearted nature extends to her work, where she cares for patients before their scans, offering much-needed compassion and reassurance during a potentially distressing time. Her dedication makes a significant difference in their experience.


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