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A film production company.

MAKING tomorrow, today.

Born from an idea in 2016 by Charles, Isaac and Sander, Butcher Broker Brains is about creating a hotbed between brands and emerging film talent, pioneering creativity and innovative ideas; we strive to make tomorrow, today.

With an extensive background in Advertising Photography, Isaac and Sander have worked with some of the world's leading agencies, such as McCann, Saatchi & Saatchi and TBWA and directly with a plethora of global clients. This wealth of client and brand experience is fused together with some of the best emerging film talent to create Butcher Broker Brains.

Our roster is comprised of new talent who continue to receive recognition from the likes of Channel 4, The RTS and The BFI. Take a look at their work here.



Isaac - never afraid to say it like it is or to get the dirty work done. A unique ability to stimulate creativity in others and a duty to deliver premium even when presented with the cheapest of cuts. The Butcher.


Sander has a real understanding of people and cultures with an empathy that encourages trust and belief. If there’s a mess, Sander will be the first on scene, taking control, cleaning it up, making it better than before. The Broker.


Charles' deep respect for the contribution of others and an unparalleled understanding of the job at hand allow him to ensure that when boundaries are being pushed, it coincides with the guidelines. Brains.


Interested in what we've got to offer?


Sander Jurkiewicz


Isaac Newman


Charles Copsey

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