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Cinnamon based on a children's book by Neil Garmon.

 I have adapted the short story into thoughts of a feature film. My adaptation is very personal to my relative's experiences of growing up and living in India, so I gained the pleasure of not only researching the beautiful textures of India but some extensive research of my family history. 


I based the main character Cinnamon around my Grandma, like Cinnamon she decided to leave her parents to go explore the world around her. Ive adapted the story to be based around the 1950s, just after India gained their independence, using influences from 1920s Anglo-India onwards.

Cinnamon is a children's book by Neil Garmon, I have adapted the short story into thoughts of a feature film. My adaptation is very personal to my relative's

Rich colors, Silks and delicate lattice work

Anni lenox and Neil young" Dystopian pass it on. 


A round, repetitive sandstone room. This project was designed for the hands-on artist, sculptors and set builders would work together to form organic cave forms within round structure. The castle in which she inhabits was built on top of a cave. Not like most Princess' Cinnamon's room is bedded where the servants sleep. Although she is a Princess her Aunty who is soon to be Queen, doesn't want to see her rise with grace and therefore banishes her room to the underground world where the magical creatures come to play.


In the story Cinnamon is mute, whoever can get her to speak receives a portrait of the Aunty. As an experiment for a graphic prop, I decided to re-create a telegram. From looking at postal stamps of India in the 1950s and numerous telegrams and postal boxes I was able to use photoshop to recreate a telegram that would be used in the film. For the stamps you have to use your actor who is playing the King for it to be associated with your film, I used a model for this and created some new stamps to reinforce the telling of the storyline involving Cinnamon and the Tiger.


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ikes face postal stamps.jpg

Graphic prop

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