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During February we were working towards production involving shooting over several days, we had the Actors booked and production was about to commence… Well, March and Covid-19 took care of all our plans and we were left with a lockdown.

Goalposts and societies popular culture shifted. We had to move away from our original concept story narration and move towards a compilation of existing archive material and stock footage which surprisingly produced an emotional alternative.

A sample of some of our original ideas

 …“ We are now experiencing a real change”

A “Brand Launch Narrated Video” that embraces both global changes and Cook & Associate’s changes including new approaches, ambitions, innovation and capability to deliver on a global stage. Whilst emphasising change, the Video takes us through peoples preparations towards an event/going out . We remind the viewer that they are the heroes. Cooks & Associates allow people to take back control by being the vehicle for their actions. Cooks & Associates create the stage and carry the sentiment. “Are you ready?... because we are”

Spaces, Brands, Perceptions 

A Video showreel that reflects Cook & Associate’s approach, ambition, innovation and capability to deliver on a global stage. A human understanding to design space and ergonomics. 

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