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Directed by Charles Copsey and produced by Alice Goodrich.


Joe Harding, the only person in the village of Summervale seemingly under the age of fifty, capitalises on a petty feud between two elderly women and their prized tomatoes, in an attempt to inject anarchy into village life. This conservative Dorset village unexpectedly becomes the setting for a scandalous escapade.


Tomatoes. Tomatoes are red. Before this production ever occurred, Charles was doing extensive tomato research. “Do you know that there is no mention of tomatoes in either The Bible or in the complete works of Shakespeare? I double checked” - Charles Copsey.


Whilst aspiring to create a film that makes people laugh, it was our intention to encourage audiences to question how their own social circles can occasionally become callous over seemingly trivial things, such as a tomato growing competition.


“The Village Fate is an experimental project that allowed me to explore visual comedy ideas and test the comedic water. This is something of a self initiated development for me. Watch this space” - Charles Copsey.

Filming in a stately home came with its precautions, but team 1st AD and Locations Manager, Ike and Billy, ensured all crew members wore an attractive pair of overshoes.

Currently making the rounds on the festival circuit... Winner of Royal Television Society (Southern) - Best Comedy.

A slideshow of concept art and mood boards from the project.

A one week shoot across Dorset and Wiltshire. Take a look at the behind the scenes photos.

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