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Holdens AgencY worked directly with BBB to "banish your window pains for good".

Remember 'you buy one, you get one free".... you also may remember Jeff Brown aka "Bogoff man". Back in the late 1990s. and then Coronation Street star Ken Morley, more well known as Reg Holdsworth... Well, we got our selves new man!


Our new Actor Simon Holland Roberts who has also worked on Coronation Street and in Shameless, was thought to be a good fit for our new approach by casting director Martin Gibbons.


Cheeky little fella, believe me, he is not really that annoying. More of a cuddly mascot that you can hang on the rear view mirror of your car. He makes a mean cup of tea though.

We got handed a great opportunity with Ted Holden who managed to secure a TVC with Safestyle UK. The project was a collaboration combining BBB's camera, lighting and production experience with Holden's casting and production design responsibilities. In brief, a fun, quirky and interesting shoot moving away from the heavily engraved repetitive ramble of old school advertising, towards a more cleaner and cinematic look and feel. BBB supplied the complete camera and lighting team including the talented Charles comedic snappy Directing, DOP Evangelos soft and controlled lighting feel, and Ike our first AD Superman 'make it happen in 1 day' AD skills.

Banish your window pains for good with BBB and HOLDENS

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