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"Ok it's not the pink ladies... it's 3 ladies 120 Pink Lady apples a ton of pink blusher/ eye shadow and a man"


Source interview by Kevin White for the Grocer:

Pink LadyThe brand said "the ad push would bring to life the ‘sweet taste, crisp crunch and juicy boost’ of a Pink Lady"

Art director Jake pole "A Pink Lady® requires your full attention to enjoy it properly. You are taken to another place for a moment; a place that leaves you feeling vibrant, refreshed and simply great—perfect for a pick-me-up"

"Taste The Wow"

The campaign was Launch on Channel 4 during the centre break of Gogglebox –a prime spot within the channel’s programming. The TV ads also rolled out across Channel 4, More 4, E4, Dave, W Channel and Alibi and were the subject of “significant” investment from the brand. Alongside the video, traction was 48 sheet Poster, bust stop posters and point of sale including editorial.

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In our video, the importance of the physical crash zoom on track/rail creates a more real action emphasising the emotion of the bite. you can see this in our test with pax

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 12.25.35.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 12.25.47.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 12.25.28.png
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Our Original opening story for the first 5-second script

A lifeless man stands to look at himself in the mirror gormlessly. A Zimmer-Frame can be seen in the foreground. The man looks down at his hip. He runs his hand over it, then looking back at his reflection with a new look of determination he says "I'm going to take this for a spin"
(After the first 5 seconds)
The man spins around, throwing a Robert de Niro taxi driver pose into the mirror, he's' pleasantly surprised by his mobility.   “You looking at me”... he says
Throwing his toothbrush behind him into the bin, the lid closes "gudumph". Music beats kick in creating a new uplifting driving tempo.
The man responds by twitching his hips and tapping his feet in time with this cool dancing rhythm.


Our original storyboard was to involve a zimmerframe that its placement and movement within its surroundings created an illusion of an an unwanted object. This scene was rightly removed in the cutting stage to allow for a more focused character building.


11292282 PL WOW Senses_Matt_MensHealth_2

Matt Blow-out​

  • Advertising Agency: McCanns

  • Art Director: Jake Pole

  • Illustrator: Ruth Suddes

  • Client Account Team: Amy Chadwick, Charlotte Oggier

  • Agency Producer: Tom Rowe

  • Film Production: Butcher Broker Brains

  • Director of Photography: Isaac Newman

  • Makeup: Tamara Tott

  • Wardrobe Stylist: Mair Joint

  • clothing and makeup stylist for model Silvia: Tina Young Routier

  • Talent Agent: Anne Bell Glenister

  • Talent: Kalifa Etienne Talent: Matt Barkley Talent: Nicky Campbell

  • PA: Hetty Randal

  • AD: Eve Newman

  • AC: Jammie Burton

  • AC: Ben Rogerson

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