It all started when Isaac and Ike spotted the camp pitched up on the A456 near West Midlands Safari Park. From one brief encounter with Peter Jolly himself, this project then spiralled into a detailed discovery of his family’s lifestyle and careers. A rare and beautifully orchestrated family business documented with Isaac’s typical crazy fashion and style twist!


Thanks to the participation and co-operation of Peter Jolly's Circus, Isaac and Ike were provided with a truly unique location and environment to set this oddly beautiful and highly storytelling piece. Jolly's Circus has passed through generations of the Jolly family, only one of two circuses in the UK legally allowed to incorporate animals in their performances. 


The project was solely made for the purpose of storytelling. The images provoke over emphasised yet sincere scenarios with every layer of the image contributing to the central narrative of the image. In addition to the photography, Ike composed a short documentary film to accompany the photography, supporting the same style and narrative as the imagery.

"I've lived on the circus as a child, my father before him and his father before him. It's all we know, it's all we do. I can't see myself doing anything else" - Peter Jolly.

Take a look at the short video Ike and Isaac put together on their Canon 5D cameras that were being used to shoot the stills (above).