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“It was a bit of a strange shoot to begin with. McCann Erikson were collaborating with a number of other agencies, including PR, with each party responsible for different parts of the campaign, and all wanting to fulfil their own requirements.


We had a four hour morning slot at the Revolution Bike Park, Llangynog. A great location. I was a bit rebellious with the shoot list due to the amount of shots required in the time frame allocated, so I ditched the list and called a team meeting with Jeep and McCann's marketing team. Using my spider drawings from the previous evening, I suggested a more energetic approach to some of the generic shot requests. I wanted to bash out four hero shots, but the boom set up slowed us down. We managed three hero shots and small set ups, including individual creative portraits which were grabbed by photographer and friend Mark Astle.


Dan was extremely reserved and seemed focused, in a world of his own. Gee was more outgoing, he was great at putting the bike exactly in the right place for the Wrangler shot doing wheelies and jumps. Rachel was the most outgoing, she was a bit of a rebel arriving fashionably late for the main group shot, making it a fast turnaround for her long hair and makeup. The light was changing fast, we added the smoke machine to bring back the early morning mist. Rachel's bright and outgoing personality lifted Dan out of his serious mood. “The funny thing was that we couldn't shoot her in the girly renegade car because of some sort of driving issue. I'll leave that up to your imagination” - Isaac Newman.

Thanks to Lewis Chinn, school-friend of Ike, for crash coursing us on the under-mounting kit that the boom is attached to.

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