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“My wife, originally from Visakhapatnam, India, moved to England back in 1984. Desperate to reunite with her family and friends I joined my wife on her return to her homeland. I became immersed in a world that is so different to my own. Surrounded by genuine human beings, enjoying the smallest of things, changed my perception on what life should be about. It was truly amazing and I fully intend to return” - Isaac Newman.


Four hundred and fifty images, whittled down from thousands, taken with Isaac's Hasselblad and Sony A7s, including 1TB of video footage, using only a portable glide cam and suction cup mount. Isaac took only one pair of shorts and two tee-shirts to make room for equipment.

Below, Isaac's impromptu growth spurt...

He's still trawling through the rushes to create the story, but this is a scratch edit of a small section of the trip.

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