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Directed by Charles Copsey.


In the early stages of development, this was a project shot on only one reel of 16mm film stock for a draft test on an Arri SR2 with Zeiss Compact Primes. 


The story behind this film is the pursuit of new challenges and experiences. We wanted to create heroes out of common people, making the content feel empathetic. Simple changes in how they shop for adventurous sporty clothing enabled them to re-think their lives. Doing something different for the first time acted as a catalyst towards life changing fulfilment.


Unfortunately, due to extreme wave conditions, we were unable to shoot the final scene the way we had planned. Billy had arranged the hiring of a waterproof housing for the camera and a speed boat for an exhilarating end scene. Weather conditions prevented us getting a rig in the water and as a self funded project with a cut off deadline, we were unable to re-shoot.

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