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once again Holdens AgencY worked directly with BBB for "Elite competitions" On a new journey for Elite's first TV ad.

In 2020, Alex Becket and James Heaton made their debut on Dragons' Den, seeking a modest £50,000 investment. Fuelled by Alex's passion for Motocross, the duo, alongside Alex's mother, embarked on a journey to launch their venture back in 2016. Initially conceived as a simple app, their concept blurred the lines between gambling and competition, exhibiting a certain fluidity in its structure.


In essence, their platform promised a landscape where success was not confined to a select few, boasting transparency and a structure that delineated it from traditional competition models.
From a technical standpoint, it distinguished itself not as a form of gambling, but as a platform centered around competition.

'... Insta wins...'

Director Charles Copsey identified that the Elite competitions are the vehicle between dreams and reality..."It's the spirit that I want to capture in this commercial... We want viewers to dream, to fully immerse themselves in a world where they too could win one of Elite’s prizes". 

Charles's choice of use of Probe lenses not as macro close-ups but as theatrical obscurities.

Our camera movement between characters would be dynamic, vivid and electric. We’d be underlining the appeal of Elite Competitions. Utilising a Steadicam, we could create impactful and comedic camera moves that would give performances a boost, elevating this commercial to something that’s memorable.

Holdens collaborated with the talented casting director Martin Gibbons, who played a pivotal role with Emma Stafford in the film "Four Lions." Martin exemplifies the importance of solid talent selections in the initial stages of our Television Advert casting to bring to Life Charles's vision.

Crucially, we were tasked with producing both all principal photography requirements and crew and the important creativity and logistics of the editing process. From wrapping up the shoot to completing the television-ready edit, including sound design, music integration, grading/SFX, and securing Clearcast approval, we nailed it and dropped the mic within a 2-week timeframe.

Insta win win win


Thanks to our AD Thomas D M Bentley who has worked on big films like James Bond and Barbie :)

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