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OK as part of the Brains at BBB and before we start laying wire, building the rigs, and sparking the lights we need to generate and evaluate the idea. Conrad is top of the floor when it comes to conceptual direction. As BBB's CD, Conrad ensures the right solution with the right media, to create the right reaction and guarantee the correct response. Con has the heart that helps BBB's Brain to work. Con's wisdom we let an idea escape and then we at BBB intuitively have some fun... "try sitting on your head, pacing up and down, drawing on the windows". Cons new angle is our solution to your creative problem. As a team, we work hard and make sure the idea has legs. We capture it visualise it and present it... "back to you!".


With over 20 years of experience in the creative industry, delivering and overseeing conceptually driven campaigns across multiple touchpoints, Con's no stranger to anything that's big. With a background of working with internationally renowned advertising and marketing networks including cutting his teeth with small independents. Con has consistently helped to steer top end clients from Nutella, Sky, Banana Republic Peugeot and Sony Ericsson to more noticeable stages.


Over time, Con has provided the blood to some of BBB campaigns.


To see some individual evidence of Con's Brain via his unique portfolio get in touch. ..."Don't leave your marketing ideas on the back of beer mats.. Take Con to it!”

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