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A very adult storyline, including some very dodgy bird poo, made us coil up with laughter.

This was project was very different. What an amazing and fun opportunity handed to us by David Crichton at IE Design. David had created some great stories with his creatively twisted mind. This project was a teaser campaign to get people from the West Midlands to give up their cars and to go to work using other means.


The only thing missing on this campaign was the crew wearing huge green dinosaur outfits whilst trampling carefully through the world of Comuterland. It would have looked good for passers by who were also enjoying the Great Yarmouth miniature experience as we filmed alongside the venue being open to the public. 


We decided to use tungsten lighting to add a reality of sunlight, which was also used to keep ourselves warm during the cold days of working on this project. The radio controlled vehicles had a mind of their own, but a bit of blue-tack between their front wheels resisted their excitement to veer off-road. 


“Scenes with Nelsie the Narrow Boat resulted in stepping into the miniature lake, with a tripod, only to reveal when stepping out, my legs were covered in leeches. However, after watching Rambo, I knew how to burn them off with a lighter.” - Isaac Newman.

Get some popcorn ready and watch the additional episodes - this is one for the young and old.

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