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04:00 AM... A mobile Toilet, A Makeup truck supplied by wagon wheels, 15 cups of coffee, and an annoying dog barking all set the tone for this location shoot which involved car parking space lockdowns and as many hard hats as there were foundation and lipstick colours.



The Mall, Bristol’s top shopping destination, host fashion shows throughout the year. For Bristol Fashion Week, the idea was to make the event as inclusive as possible. Not just for influencers and models, but for anyone and everyone.

McCann's teamed up with BBB to produce locations and fashion styling for  a tongue-in-cheek campaign featured normal people, with normal lives, in real situations—only posing like models. While acknowledging fashion’s more ridiculous side, we also successfully highlighted The Mall’s relatable, high-street fashion credentials.

Six lights later and the longest power cables known to man are still not enough for what the sun has to say on the day...


Shooting on a bowling green in February raised a few eyebrows with local Bowles club groundsmen... Bristol Fashion Week what that?

10868792 BFW SS18 48 Sheet-2.jpg

Across the finish line,

with another Bathams beer in hand.

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