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ANOTHER GREAT OPPORTUNITY with BMI HEALTHCARE. THIS TIME to Drive engagement through a brand video promoting the benefits of paying for your own treatment.

Ideas that were thrown about included "Do what you love", "Why wait", "Get back to being you"

Longer Story version

Early concept development... our traction started around an idea around the end of a party. Although over-exaggerated it inspired a starting point.

Draft Script:

Low light dance hall. There are a few stragglers left, surrounded by empty plates, glasses, and confetti. A DJ plays ‘end of the night’ music in an effort to clear out the remaining guests.


A 70-year-old man, Ken, is sat in a chair at a table. He looks to camera, disgruntled. “Who the hell does he think he is?”


Ken is sat watching his wife, Linda (64), dance with a younger man. Ken, talking to the camera, complains and moans with envy. All he wants is to put a stop to this, but he is struggling to bring himself to do something about it and is left anxious and waiting.


Out of nowhere, now a new determined, Ken leaps up and jumps onto the dancefloor. He breaks out into full street-dance, inclusive of body-popping and agile movements, catching the attention of the remaining guests, but especially his wife.​

Both BMI and BBB changed the location for the story to a more common thread home scene.
OUR man BECAME a MORE elegant, dandy, youthful, mature AND intellectual MAN who only with BMI extends his life, his mind, AND LOVE WITH his wife, within their HOME.


smaller ADVERTISING story versionS

The project was conceptualised, styled, designed and storyboarded by BBB  and finally shot over 2 days including supporting photography. under a tight budget.

We edited 2 (6 second teasers) and 1 (30-40 second film), see below:


Our Original opening story for the first 5-second script

A lifeless man stands to look at himself in the mirror gormlessly. A Zimmer-Frame can be seen in the foreground. The man looks down at his hip. He runs his hand over it, then looking back at his reflection with a new look of determination he says "I'm going to take this for a spin"
(After the first 5 seconds)
The man spins around, throwing a Robert de Niro taxi driver pose into the mirror, he's' pleasantly surprised by his mobility.   “You looking at me”... he says
Throwing his toothbrush behind him into the bin, the lid closes "gudumph". Music beats kick in creating a new uplifting driving tempo.
The man responds by twitching his hips and tapping his feet in time with this cool dancing rhythm.


Our original storyboard was to involve a zimmerframe that its placement and movement within its surroundings created an illusion of an an unwanted object. This scene was rightly removed in the cutting stage to allow for a more focused character building.


Our cast consisted of Stephen Schreiber and Behnaz Vakili whom both injected their own connection and believability to the important scenes.

Thank you also to Kay Louise for makeup on Behnaz to align her age to match Stephen. Special thanks to our new talent production designer Eve who is in her second year at Nottingham Trent University.

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