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No brewers were electrocuted in the making of this video, but a lot of beer was spilt and drunk.

Logan Plant, singer of rock band Sons of Albion, and son of super rock God Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, began brewing beer back in 2011, and is now pioneering the UK craft beer scene.
“I got dragged around loads of pubs by my old man, enduring many a beer garden. When I got to the age of eighteen or so, I started going out with my friends and inevitably began enjoying beer. All of a sudden we found ourselves making a pilgrimage every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, to certain pubs to drink certain beers” - Logan Plant.

A well timed conversation between Brewer Logan Plant and Nick Dwyer, who’s both a waiter in Logan’s restaurant ‘Duke’s Brew & Que' and a graduate of Central Saint Martins, London, resulted in Nick becoming creative director behind the brand. Showing his portfolio across the bar, Nick’s amazing illustrative style was not only the strength behind the Beavertown brand but also influenced our motion graphic animations to accentuate their core beer range, but it also became the seed for our narrative/documentary hybrid.


“After drinking about four cans of Neck Oil and a shared can of Black Betty, we kept working past midnight. The drive back home from Tottenham Hale to Brighton was interspersed with falling asleep every ten seconds on the M25, and a four hour kip in a service station. Sensible producer, and designated driver Ike kept his beer in his car rather than his belly, whilst Isaac smelt like a mash tun” - Charles Copsey.

Gamma Ray’s illustrative retro style branding was a catalyst when it came to creating the concept for the campaign, showcasing the 'beavers' within Gamma Ray's fishbowl space helmets.

Creator of Beavertown, Logan Plant.

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